Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to start joining the class in Mandiri Aikido Club?

You can just visit the Mandiri Aikido Club dojo that is close to your home or office. Assisted by dojo official, you may fill out the application form. After completing the registration and initial monthly payment, you can start taking the class.

What are the differences between Mandiri Aikido Club and regular Aikido organization?

Mandiri Aikido Club is a self defense organization created for the muslimin, that is why in its method of training and gestures, all the things that contradict with the Aqidah are being eliminated, such as bow gestures similar to ruku and sujud, mixture of male and female in the same class, and many more. Other than that, there is no much difference.

From the technique wise, is it also different with regular Aikido?

All techniques being taught in Mandiri Aikido Club are the same techniques being taught in the origin country of Aikido, which is Japan. The naming for all the techniques and movements in Mandiri Aikido Club is also still in Japanese language.

How long would it take to obtain a black belt?

Normally it is ranging from 3 to 4 years. But, it all depends on performance base and student’s readiness to take the black belt test. A dojo instructor has the authority to decide whether a student is ready or not ready for taking the black belt test.

What are the benefits I will get from learning this self defense art in Mandiri Aikido Club?

Besides boosting confidence level, increases physical shape and become skillful in applying self defense techniques (either bare handed or armed with weapon), you also are able to avoid all the elements of tasyabuh, bid’ah/syirik, khurafat and ikhtilat that generally exists within self defense organizations. Hence, the knowledge you have learned and soon to be passed to others will not violate any syariah law and insya Allah good for here and the hereafter.

I am having a financial difficulties, but really eager to learn a self defense at Mandiri Aikido Club, can I get helped?

If you are having difficulties (financially) but have a strong will to learn the syar’i self defense art, then Mandiri Aikido Club will support you by providing a scholarship program until you obtain a black belt. Please be noted, you are expected to be able to continue the knowledge you have learned onto others, by being one of the Mandiri Aikido Club instructors.

I am not so young anymore, is it too late for me to start practicing self defense again?

Movements in Aikido tend to focus on techniques application rather than physical strength only. So for you who are not considered that young anymore, then Aikido is the best tool for you because this type of self defense doesn’t require too much of physical strength. Another advantages are, you can maintain a good shape while at the same time mastering the skill of self defense techniques at mature age.