About Us

Mandiri Aikido Club

Mandiri Aikido Club (MAC) is a martial art organization headquartered in Rawa Belong, Jakarta. MAC establishes independently by having no affiliation to any base of martial art organizations. MAC was established in 2008 by Sensei Muhamad Aria and some of his students. Among them are Irwin Ananta, Abdul Aziz and Hilman. The intention and objectives are to accomodate the Syar'i martial art community and to provide a solution for Muslims so they can enjoy practicing a healthy sport while learning self-defense, that insyaAllah will be beneficial to them without violating any Syar'i laws.

All the techniques taught in MAC classes generally are similar to every traditional Aikido techniques that are being practiced today, such as pins, joint-locks and throws (either by single or multiple attacker). However, the training concept that MAC emphasizes is more on the Islamic way of culture. In which, MAC strives to adapt all the manner and gestures as well as etiquette only in accordance to Syariah, by eliminating elements of tasyabuh, bid'ah/syirik, khurafat and ikhtilat throughout the process of training. This includes: To leave out the bow-down habit similar to sujud before the photograph of late founder of Aikido (Morihei Ueshiba); to leave out the bow-down habit similar to sujud & ruku to Sensei (teacher) or to fellow Aikido member at the beginning, during and the end of classes; to separate between the male and female member into different classes; and so on. Moreover, MAC also eliminates all the martial art philosophies that contrary to the value of Islam.

Aikido is somewhat compatible with the characters of Muslims, where this type of martial art holds no tournaments, and most of its nature of techniques are defensive (expecting an attack). That way, it teaches us to be more patient and to control our emotion/temper. MAC's vision, is to become the only club/organization that people refer to, for learning the Syar'i Aikido martial art in Indonesia insya Allah.